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Grant Awards

In 2020, CAEF proudly awarded more than $22,000 in grants to 25 programs, such as: 

  • Summer Fun Enrichment - a summertime reading and learning enrichment program in the Centennial Community

  • Community School Supplies - providing backpacks and school supplies to local students in need so they can begin the school year equipped to learn on equal footing with their peers

  • Parent Academy - providing parent education on a variety of topics most relevant and pressing to today's families

  • Operations No Limits— helping kids in the Pines School and Juvenile Center learn life, social and technical skills while serving the community through projects such as landscaping, gardening and painting

  • Reading Corps - helping children become proficient readers

  • Female Athlete Symposium - providing young women with knowledge and tools to help them be successful as a teammate and in life

  • CHS Spring Musical - teaching theater to students involved in the production and promoting the performing arts in our community

  • CHS Peer Leaders— teaching 9th through 11th grade students skills to function as peer leaders and serve as role models and assist younger students with many activities throughout the school year

  • Healthy Relationships & Personal Safety for Young Men - for Centennial High School junior and senior boys, raise awareness of healthy boundaries when dating, personal safety, and decision making about physical safety issues (alternates yearly with "Empowering Young Women")

  • Career and Technical College Fair - exploring  variety of education and career options that differ from the traditional four-year college path

  • Rotary Youth Exchange Program—sponsorship of an in-bound exchange student breaking barriers and encouraging cultural exchange

  • Middle School Makers—offering an extension of the current STEM, a Middle School Makers program for three nights a week to middle school students

  • STEAM for AVID - facilitating interactive research, coding and creating pathways for learning, using robots

  • Early Childhood Motor Room - enhancing the safety, education and stimulation of the district's youngest children

  • Classroom Calming Kits - reducing stress, anger and disregulation in classrooms

  • Youth in Government Assembly - teaching the principles of democracy and civic engagement through action and experience

  • Beyond Birds & Bees - educating parents about how to successfully communicate with their children about sex and personal family values

  • Guest Clinician for CMS and CHS Choirs - providing a new perspective for choir students, giving new tools for how to improve their vocal technique, performance and interpret music

  • Flexible Seating - creating classroom environments that address social-emotional needs and improving student achievement through unique seating solutions

  • Document Cameras - allowing teachers to showcase work and students to learn through visual modeling and kinesthetic activities

Grant Applications

  • CAEF accepts grant requests from January 15th through February 28th, via the Grant Request Form, available on our website.

  • Individuals or groups applying to receive funding from the Centennial Area Education Foundation must provide benefits to the Centennial School District Community.

  • Grant Requesters will be notified by email or mail (when email is not available).  Funding for projects will not be available before April.

  • Requests consistent with the Foundation’s mission and focus areas will be considered for funding. The Board of Directors’ very strong preference is to encourage multiple sources of funding of activities and programs when available—not just from CAEF.

  • Programs and activities should generally supplement and enhance experiences within the Centennial School District community, not replace what is or should be provided by the District as part of its normal budgeting process.

  • The Grant Review Committee will review and evaluate grant requests and the CAEF Board will make final approval decisions.  Decisions are made based upon criteria established by the Board and available funds.

  • CAEF does not generally support transportation, food, salaries, or capital asset purchases within our grant awards, because they are outside of the foundation’s scope and mission. Feel free to inquire if you have any specific questions.

Grant Recipients

  • Individuals and groups receiving financial support from the Foundation are expected to provide a completed Post-Grant Evaluation Form, available on our website, to the Board of Directors at the conclusion of the activity or project. 

  • Foundation policy and Internal Revenue Service regulations require that funds be returned to the Foundation for activities that are not completed.

  • The funds must be used within 12 months of award.

  • Recipients of the CAEF Annual Grant process may not apply for Power of Centennial (POC) grants, for the same project or program, and visa versa.

  • Publications and/or communications related to the funded project must list CAEF as a sponsoring organization.

  • Recipients must agree that CAEF can communicate or publicize the Grantee as a recipient, the purposes of the grant, and the intended benefits derived from the grant.  If requested, Grantee will also make a presentation to the CAEF Board.

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CAEF is a 501(c)3 non-profit foundation.