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CAEF Annual Grant Program

Providing funding for programs that supplement and enhance experiences within the Centennial School District.

CAEF proudly awarded a record $26,513 in grants during our 2022 spring cycle! 

2022 Grant Awards

  • Reading and Learning - Summer Enrichment Program ($3,000)

  • Community School Supplies Project ($3,000)

  • CHS Empowering Young Women: Building Healthy Relationships ($500)

  • Powerpack Program ($1,250.00)

  • CHS Peer Leadership Training ($1,000)

  • Operation No Limits ($3,200)

  • Centennial Robotics Continuation and Growth ($2,250)

  • CMS STEM Clock Project ($1,000)

  • Preschool Kinder Konzerts ($750)

  • Joint Sponsorship for Rotary Youth Exchange Program ($1,200)

  • CMS Greenhouse Effect and Climate Change ($340)

  • CMS Hydroponics Lab Organizer ($600)

  • RLE Storyworks Reading Magazine Program ($933.90)

  • RLE Hatching Baby Chicks in the Classroom ($298.57)

  • CMS Media Center - Social & Emotional Learning Support ($750)

  • CHS Gay Straight Alliance - Q-Quest Seminar ($250)

  • Community Ed Somali Culture Overview & Experience ($350)

  • Kids Club - Summer Cardio Drumming ($661.10)

  • CALC Outdoor Classroom Support ($400)

  • ECSE Portable Classroom Divider ($642.85)

  • CHS Cougar Strength Technology ($3,050)

  • CVE Kindergarten STEM Support ($1,087)

Grant Applications

  • CAEF annual grant requests are accepted January 15th through February 28th via the Grant Request Form.

  • All applications must be emailed or postmarked by 12:00am (midnight) on February 28th to be eligible.

  • Individuals or groups applying to receive funding must provide benefits to the Centennial School District Community.

  • Programs and activities should generally supplement and enhance experiences within the Centennial School District community, not replace what is or should be provided by the District as part of its normal budgeting process.

  • Requests consistent with CAEF's mission and focus areas will be considered for funding. The Board of Directors strongly encourage multiple sources of funding for activities and programs when available—not just from CAEF.

  • The Grant Review Committee will review and evaluate grant requests and the CAEF Board will make final approval decisions based upon criteria established by the Board and available funds.

  • Grant Requesters will be notified by email (or by mail when email is not available). Funding for projects will not be available before April.

  • Recipients of the CAEF Annual Grant Program may not apply for Power of Centennial (POC) grants for the same project or program, and visa versa.

  • CAEF does not generally support transportation, food, salaries, or capital asset purchases within our grant awards, because they are outside of the foundation’s scope and mission. Feel free to inquire if you have any specific questions.

Grant Recipient Agreement

  • Individuals and groups receiving financial support from the Foundation are expected to provide a completed Post-Grant Summary Report to the Board of Directors at the conclusion of the activity or project. 

  • The funds must be used within 12 months of date awarded.

  • Foundation policy and Internal Revenue Service regulations require that funds be returned to the Foundation for activities that are not completed.

  • Publications and/or communications related to the funded project must list CAEF as a sponsoring organization.

  • Recipient agreement allows CAEF to publicize the Grantee as a recipient, the purposes of the grant, and the intended benefits derived from the grant.  If requested, Grantee will also make a presentation to the CAEF Board.