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Our Mission

Supporting education to build a strong community.

Our Goal

To raise funds to enhance the educational experience. Whether it is helping students attend a camp or a competition, sending a teacher to a training program, or funding scholarships to send Centennial students to college or vocational training, we believe we can help make our good schools even better. However, not every worthwhile program or project receives funding. Thus, we formed the Centennial Area Education Foundation, a non-profit [501 (c)(3)] corporation comprised of volunteers from the community dedicated to raising money to enrich the students in the Centennial schools. We hope to raise money in a variety of ways – through exciting fundraising events and direct appeals for donations.

Each of you cane make an impact by donating time or money to invest in our children’s future. This adventure  will be exciting. We hope our fundraising events serve as a way to meet our neighbors, build the community, and have some fun. Working together, we can help our children, help our schools, and help ourselves.

Volunteer with CAEF
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