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CAEF Power of Centennial Grants

Providing funding for educational programs that supplement and enhance experiences within the Centennial School District.


The 2024 grant application is OPEN.
Read the guidelines below and use the Apply Now button to submit an application.

Grant Applications

  • CAEF accepts grant requests on a rolling calendar through the online CAEF Power of Centennial Grant Application only.

  • SPRING CYCLE: Applications received between October 16th and March 15th will be reviewed with funding awarded in April.

  • FALL CYCLE: Applications received between March 16th and October 15th will be reviewed with funding awarded in November/December. 

  • Individuals or groups applying to receive funding from the Centennial Area Education Foundation must provide benefits to the Centennial School District Community. 

  • Requests consistent with CAEF's mission and focus areas will be considered for funding. The Board of Directors highly encourages seeking multiple sources of funding for activities and programs when available—not just from CAEF. 

  • Programs and activities should generally supplement and enhance experiences within the Centennial School District community, not replace what is or should be provided by the District as part of its normal budgeting process. 

  • The Grant Review Committee will review, evaluate, and recommend grant funds to the CAEF Board who then approves final funding amounts. Decisions are made based upon guidelines and criteria established, and available funds.

  • Grant applications must have a principal/supervisor approval.

  • Grant applicants will be notified by email regarding the status of their request.

  • CAEF does not generally support transportation, food, salaries, capital asset purchases, or clothing within grant awards because they are outside of the foundation’s scope and mission. Feel free to inquire if you have any specific questions.

Grant Recipient Agreement

  • The funds must be used within 12 months of award. 

  • Individuals and groups receiving financial support from CAEF are expected to provide a completed Post-Grant Summary Report to the Board of Directors at the conclusion of the activity or project.  

  • Foundation policy and Internal Revenue Service regulations require that funds be returned to CAEF for activities that are not completed.

  • Publications and/or communications related to the funded project must list Centennial Area Education Foundation (CAEF) as a sponsoring organization.

  • Recipients must agree that CAEF can communicate or publicize the Grantee as a recipient, the purposes of the grant, and the intended benefits derived from the grant.  If requested, Grantee will also make a presentation to the CAEF Board.

In 2023, CAEF awarded $26,110.29 in teacher grants!

Spring 2023 Grants

  • BHE StoryWorks Reading Enrichment, Grade 5 ($1,307.46)

  • CMS Books that Celebrate Diversity ($250)

  • CMS DCD Student Switch-a-Rama ($612.22)

  • CALC Outdoor Classroom ($500)

  • Centennial Robotics Club ($3,180)

  • Centerville Elementary First Grade Art ($1,000)

  • CHS DCD Prom Alternative Activities ($450)

  • CHS Centennial GSA Minnesota Q-Quest Event ($250)

  • Comm. Education Reading and Learning through the Summer ($3,500)

  • ECFE Mental Health & Play Conference 2023 ($1,000)

  • ECSE Early Literacy ($450)

  • Golden Lake Elementary Books for Life Skills ($360)

  • Kids Club Glow Rooms ($350)

  • World Culture Club ($400)

Fall 2023 Grants

  • Powerpack Program ($3,000)

  • Centennial Community Backpack Program ($3,000)

  • Science Waves & Energy Lab, 8th Grade ($800)

  • CHS Infrared Light Measuring Tools ($560)

  • Pines STEM Kits ($1,347.75)

  • RLE Document Cameras – Kindergarten ($240.10)

  • CHS Speech Team ($500)

  • Centennial Theatre Dressing Room Update ($1,000)

  • RLE Level Up Reading Engagement ($800)

  • CMS Alternative Desk Space ($352.76)

  • CMS Positive Incentive Store for EBD ($250)

  • CMS Student Case It Binders – ($1,000)

PowerPack Testimonials

“Powerpacks help me a lot on those days when my family can’t afford food. We spend a lot of money on medical bills and so our budget on food is about $30. Powerpacks give me and other people food and hope, it shows that people are looking out for us."

Student Recipient

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