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Your contributions will advance CAEF’s important goal of supporting education to build a strong community.

Below are our current programs that benefit students and education. We can often customize programs donors are passionate about by working directly with ISD12. If interested in setting up a new program, please contact us.

Select the fund name to donate.

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The general fund is used to fund daily operating expenses. CAEF is a volunteer run organization where operating expenses are monitored and controlled by the board with a goal to keep expenses as low as possible. Operating expenses include software programs, required insurance, one part-time employee and other standard business expenses.  

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The dedicated fund goal is $1,000,000 which can secure a bright future for our community. The goal will maintain our grant and scholarship programs. The dedicated fund is established as "restricted funds" only to be used for the purpose of growing an endowment.


CAEF Power of Centennial Grants fund educational programs, enhancements, or tools for students education. Grants are an important part of maintaining a wide variety of programs that would not otherwise be available to our community. As of 2023, CAEF awarded over $222,000 in grants since 2011.

Graduates Holding Diplomas

CAEF partners with CHS to provide deserving graduating seniors scholarships to pursue higher education goals. The scholarship process is administered by CHS and funds are held at CAEF until the Scholarship Recognition/Award evening held in May.

College Students

In partnership with Centennial ISD12 and the Chain of Lakes Rotary Club, CAEF manages scholarship funds that assist students with extracurricular activity costs. The Angel Fund helps remove barriers that would otherwise prevent some students from being able to participate.

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