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CAEF Scholarship Program

Awarding scholarships to Centennial graduates pursuing postsecondary education.


CAEF and Centennial High School partner to offer senior scholarships. Seniors who plan to attend college (technical, 2-year, four-year, or certificate program) in the fall after graduation are eligible to apply for many different local scholarships.

For information about available scholarships, visit or contact the CHS Career Center.

If interested in starting a scholarship or questions about a specific scholarship, please contact CHS Scholarship Lead, Angie Law.

Congratulations 2023 Centennial High School Scholarship Recipients!


We were proud to partner with CHS and honor 2023 graduating seniors. $18,000 in scholarships was directly awarded to graduates pursuing future education. In 2023, we updated the CAEF application criteria allowing a more diverse group of potential recipients as well as honored previous CAEF presidents with two specially named scholarships. In total, the foundation administered $58,800 to over 50 seniors. 


Best wishes to all 2023 CHS graduates!

Special Scholarship Tributes 

Gifts given in honor of...


 * Tom Kaluza Memorial ($1050)


 * Centennial Middle School - Teams 603 and 803 ($100)

 * Class of 2008 ($2,500)

Erin Hennes Scholarship Fund
Established 2020

" me, there's no better way to keep my daughter's name alive than to establish a scholarship for her..."

-Joyce Hennes

Founding donor of the Erin Hennes Fund

for Centennial grads

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