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Next Meeting: Fall 2021


Commit to donating $50 twice a year.


Submit an application for the opportunity to have your program funded.


Join the Power of Centennial to cast your vote.

What is Power of Centennial?


4:30 pm

The POC is a group of citizens who want to make a meaningful difference in our community. What brings us together is the willingness to commit $100 annually to support education to build a strong community. While many of us donate smaller amounts to different charities, the Power of Centennial provides the unique opportunity to see how combining donations can make a difference in our community.

The Power of Centennial (POC) is a fundraising event for Centennial Area Education Foundation to fund grants supporting education in the Centennial Area.  The POC is a member driven event that meets twice annually.  A program is eligible for submission if they have not received a grant from POC or CAEF in the past 12-months.

How Does it Work?


10:00 am

The POC will meet twice yearly for approximately one hour. During the meeting any member can submit education programs or organizations of their choice to receive a grant and three submissions will be randomly drawn for consideration. After a brief presentation on each program or organization, the members will vote for the program or organization of their choice. The application with the most votes will be funded, any remaining funds can be distributed to runner up grants.  Each member will write a $50 check for the chosen program or organization at the end of the meeting (written to CAEF) to be dispersed to any winning grants. Members need not be present to vote, they can use a proxy, and all members must contribute at each meeting.

June 2021 Recipients


10:00 am

1) Centennial High School pre-printed graphing whiteboards for the science department

2) Centennial Elementary School staff book study "Lost at School" by Ross Greene

3) Centennial ECFE parent education speaker series

4) Centennial Community Ed driver's education scholarships


Photo by Quad Community Press

Join over 40 members who have donated over $21,000 since 2014 to small grant programs in our community!